Friday, 8 March 2013

Cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música

When the elephants dream with the music

cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música, calligraphy, cal·ligrafia, caligrafia

Legally I had no right to paint on the wall, but morally I wasn't doing nothing wrong.

I painted the wall of a place that we rent with some friends, years ago was a porc factory, there are other locals, young people, a music band, and sculpture an someone who has a business buying and selling second hand stuff.

I did the graffiti one afternoon, the next day the owner called us, asking for when are we going to paint white the wall, like the rest of the building, actually the building is grey, has no white.

Becaause I was responsable of that, I call him, trying to solve the problem, he gave my 3 reasons, but not a single reason came from him.

Reason 1; The building is located in a poor area, ghetto as he said, where are located most of the immigrants in my town, and saying that graffiti could make this area more dirty and DANGEROUS!

Reason 2; is not nice for the building, I'll attach some pictures of how "clean" is this building from outside.

Reason 3: The police and the mayor could put a fine on him for the graffiti.... far as I know, there are restrictions on colour building at the centre areas, usually in the historic part of the town. which is not the case, like once I asked for do a graffiti, I asked to the owner of the house, I went to the mayor, and they just replied my telling me that if the owner of the wall was agree, that they had no need to write a paper for the permission.

I know, but that all this excuses make me feel angry, not a single excuse saying something like that... sorry, but in my building I do not allow you to do it, just i don't want paints on my walls, using THEM as an excuse.

Also I must say, that this building, soon as he has the chance will sell it, and hire us from there, destroy it and build flats. Lets have a look at the aspect of the building;


One day after lunch I felt happy go somewhere to paint, using some spray paint I have and I wanted to mix it with calligraphy, nothing ready, just I wanted go to paint. and I did it, trying to find what to do, I was listening the radio, Radio 3 (rne3) the program called Cuando los elephantes sueñan con la música. This program I really like, you can listen wonderful songs, I can't define the music, most songs are from brazil and africa.

I started to paint, first I wanted to do the name, but soon I saw that was going to be very big, so using the spray color like it was a pen, I did some rhythmical movements (strokes) using strong colors, and slowly, slowly, with the help of a friend, we saw that I was drawing an elephant! very abstract, but it had the form, just the head mainly we could identify.

cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música, calligraphy, cal·ligrafia, caligrafia

Just a wanted to give some color and life to the building,
as the owner still thinking the building was white.

Tre Calligraphy

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