Thursday, 11 October 2012

La Batarde

La Batarde,

A wonderful script, and non well know script which I think it's very personal and unique for any of the scribes who used to do it, all the documents I've seen until now in a period of 100 years. from 1405 till 1498. All have the same feeling, the same "letter form" but all with a different personality. Of course the early writing are a bit close to the Gothic and with the past of the years La Batarde becomes more Batarde losing the familiarity with any Gothic script.

A quick script, and wonderful to write, this is just the beginning, the first samples after I've been doing all the analysis of one concrete letter, sent by Philipus dux di Savoia, dated from 1497 approx. If I am not wrong.

Next step is try to write this script more freely, letting the flow to connect each letter, trying to write as a normal "handwriting" like they used to do.

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