Monday, 29 October 2012

l'Oltre l'Ade / Memento Mori


I had a "break" on my batarde studies, setting up the event of "l'Oltre l'Ade" with Luca Bedino, a great friend, Paleographer and the archivist of the Historic Archive of Fossano.  If I'm writing about that, I could say, that is thanks him.

I said a break with the batarde, actually yes during this week, but I had a performance for this event, two, one inside a church, and the other one at the Castle of Alcaia, where I did use the batarde script, using a proper quill that I cutted for the event (lucky me, that it worked) and the quill worked well.


I set up a ruled up paper, to leave above the paper to write, to follow the lanes, but actually I couldn't see the lanes, so I gave up and just I kept writing, and not bad the result, as my teacher Ewan Clayton told me once, - a good calligrapher has to be avaiable to write without lanes - At the beggining I did not felt save writing without lanes, but then just allowed myself to keep going and happy about that! and also happy with the result of the batarda script, for first time I saw that this batarde had the same feeling as the manuscripts I've been studying, maybe is because I wrote it, without lanes and this helped to "destroy" the perfection.

Here some other pictures of the performance, look how I was dressed!


Sharping the quill, the last cut!

At the curch (Now I can say that I've been writing where the priest does the function)

Those were some pictures that I could pick up from the event, and here I show you some other pictures about work that I did for the event.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Vanitas Vanitatum Omnium Vanitas, this was above the "death" but I had no chance to take the picture, now is above this wonderful head ;)

The explanation of the performance, was called Memento Mori
And well, that's all for now, today I've been cleaning all the event, and tomorrow... I'll continue with the batarde script!

Ci vediamo!

Carles Gonzalez, Tre Calligraphy from Fossano!

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