Wednesday, 21 November 2012

PARATISSIMA 2012 meeting Enrique Moya and Giancarlo Marcarli

Ciao a tutti!

The post of today, is about the paratissima, an event done in Turin, where lots of artists show their work, wich for the next year I would like to apply to go and be one of them.

Paratissima! I met Enrique Moya Gonzalez and spanish artist which lives in Arezzo (Itali), because of my travel to Fossano which is not far from turin, we finally meet one each other, after long time! His work is amazing I really like it. Also I meet his friend, Giancarlo Marcali, who also was showing his work, very clever installations, amazing work done using the X-Ray, must to be seen, is difficult to explain it with words.

At first stage, Enrique asked me to do a possible performance at his show, but finally, the perform wasn't done, but not really, because I write all the names of his works on the wall using a pencil, and because we deceided this idea a bit later, when the doors were open, I was still doing the work. A really nice experience, work with pencil on a wall, is gives you a nice feeling.... (The last time I did pencil on a wall was to many years ago, maybe when I was just a babe or at the school)

carles gonzalez

Discurso con eva, serie de problemas suit n7

requiem merienda sobre asfalto

Also I collaborated on his video installation, that Enrique, covered using Aquari Paper, that I wrote on it using a flat brush with red.
aquari paper, enrique moya, tre calligraphy, batarda

More news cooming soon, wish me luck that for next year I could be performing at Paratissima 2013.


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