Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Today, I show you a video, that I did on a wonderful afternoon, on summer of 2012, at the lake of Banyoles, but till today hasn't been possible to edit the video.

I was all day working at my studio, with the hot temperatures of the summer, I must say that is not very comfortable do calligraphy on summer, at least on hot countries, now I understand why calligraphy, has kept more tradition at northern countries, maybe the temperature is a fact.

So like I was saying, tired of being closed at home, I called a good friend and photographer, Yurian Quintanas, that If he would like to come with me to do some calligraphy at the lake, at least was a fresh area, also plenty of mosquito, I set up the paper, I prepared the ink (Chinese sticking Ink) I've stack the paper on a non heavy wood, and let's go to the lake!

With no other intention that write in a fresh place, non a common place to do calligraphy, but it was a wonderful experience, and I think that this is not going to be the last time that I'll do calligraphy outside, maybe for the next time I will get more ready, about what to write, composition, colour, letterforms...

This time was just a trial, but be spontaneous is wonderful, isn't?

Tre Calligraphy & SIA Productions

Where could be the next time? forest? sea? abandoned fabric? middle of the road?


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A presto! Fossano, 3 months of Batarde Script and more.

I left Fossano, a piedmont city, that has given me hospitality to allow me to study the manuscripts, and also have an another good experience, I've been in other places before Italy, which I had good experience and I still have some friends, but what I've lived here during this three months and specially what I've learned has been wonderful.

To Give thanks to the city, I did this wonderful piece, saying thanks for all the hospitality that I've received during this time and also showing the batarde script that I've learned. Not only me, the city has been pleased with me, as they explain on the newspapers.

Also during this time I taught some calligraphy and with Luca Bedino we have wrote a book about the lettre batarde, called "conversations about the lettre batarde" which I will talk about the book on my next post.

Detail of Batarde Script mixed with Italic Script

Detail of Batarde Script

And now, home sweet home, looking forward for new adventures that will feed my experience throught the calligraphy, "cleaning" the studio to get ready to explore and improve my calligraphy.

Have a good week!

56x76cm Sticking ink color on watercolour paper.

Carles, Tre Calligraphy 12-12-12