Friday, 12 October 2012

The beauty and the mess of the Batarde.


The Batarde script, actually better to say, the Batarde handwriting, all documents I've seen are different, first I attached to one "formal" writing, the one I've learnt the proprieties of this handwriting, the writing was very constant. (last post). But now that I'm looking forward at more handwriting Batarde scripts, some are written straight, and not with a -30 degrees of slant, and now seems to be straight, some endings of S,F and s at then en of word sometimes finish with a dot, sometimes straight, sometimes oval, and like the early writings with a stroke, like if it was a flag. who knows, the scribe liked to have fun while was writing or it depends how they felt! who knows there are no videos on youtube of them.


Is a wonderful script to write, and has a lovely composition, lovely for read.

In my opinion is an honest script, has all the beauty without make-up.


And tomorrow starts the calligraphy course that I'm going to do here in Fossano, I hope that the students will enjoy the class, I'll try my best. as usual.

tre calligraphy
And here I show you on this picture all my trials, all done with metal nib, I brought the quills back and well, what to say, with a quill is much much better!

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