Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Retornar / Come back

retornar, come back
I'm back home, for nearly 4 years I've been away (coming back home for a while), During this 4 years I had lots of experiences, I grow up, and even I've learn something about calligraphy :) I have a better approach to the letters, or in composition in general, my writing has improved in the last 4 years. and this new year, it seems that is going to be a good year for show my work in my country. Barcelona on April and Girona on May. Which I'm looking forward to be there. As I've been saying back to this 4 years I've improved a lot, but now back home, I feel that I'm loosing the direction point, I became lazy. Think that when I'm outside, never happen.

Yesterday I spend 3 hours, and not finished yet, looking at pictures that I've took on the year 2008, which at that point, I even I didn't know nothing of english and even I couldn't imagine that I'll be available to speak Italian or that I was going to be in London for 2 years learning calligraphy. I was just a young boy, without any technic, no knowledge of nothing, always used to bring the camera and take picture, looking for compositions, textures or just because the beauty of it. I used to "create calligraphy" when I saw I couldn't stop to laugh! the calligraphy was extremly poor, but in that stage it was FABULOUS, like any action I was doing, had not other ending that his ending. I was just following my unconscious.I WANT IT BACK!

Table for calligraphy
Table ready for writting for my diary practise book.

Also for a long time I haven't been doing a formall calligraphy, doing other workds, to keep the rhythm and consistency of the letters and keep the letterforms even, an exercise that we did at the school when we were learning calligraphy, write a book! There's not other intention that keep the rhythm of writting, improve the letterforms and get confidence on writting. So I've that I'm going to do it every morning when I wake up and after lunch to write at least for half an hour. To do that I've took a table, that will be ONLY for this book, so in that way is going to be always ready for use. While at the other table I'll have the space for do the other work.

Today I'll finish to have a look at the pictures and works I did on 2008, and see if I find the innocence of those days.

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