Tuesday, 13 November 2012

El casament (the wedding)

The post of today, is about a wedding job (not a commission) That I've did very proud to my Friends PD&MM. Who are getting married, my first friend who's getting married! Who's going to be the next... I see that far away... there's not a prediction for this king of things.

The funny thing of this work, is that I've did it in the distance, I'm in Italy, they are in Catalonia, Spain, and the surprise too see the pictures on my mailbox, of a work that I've done, that has been printed somewhere else, and becoming an envelope. I'm happy with the result, I did scan the picture, I had no chance to use photoshop (to have some colour control) I was worried, about the quality of the picture for printing, but, it seems that has been done successful.

Actually I like to do the work, talking with the "costumer" in front of them, and discuss, make the samples, ask what they want, what they are looking for, what they are expecting.... Once I get all the information, I put my imagination and I work. Because at the end this work, is not for me, is for them, so them must to be happy with the result,  but also me, I must to be happy with the result, I can't finish a work that I dislike.

I do work with passion, I'm not a machine, Do you?

I've used, a foundational round hand (my one), and an Italic version, which has a far away feeling of the Glamorous script called Copperplate, but is not a Copperplate, could have something similar by  the thick and things, but is an Italic Script. My own version for this case.

Have a nice week!

PD: If someone is getting married and wants something original, just contact me ;)

PD&MM Molti Auguri! Fins aviat!

Tre Calligraphy.

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